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Aquiring a copy of the game[edit | edit source]

MayDream is in FREE open Beta for a limited time! To aquire a copy of MyDream the game open in your browser and click the blue "Download" button. In order to play the game you must first sign up for the free open beta.

  • Sign up for the Beta (select the create account option at the top of the website or below the username input on the game's log-in screen).
    1. Fill in your character name, password and email adress.
    2. Then click on the "Sign Up" button to complete this action and you will be taken to your new home screen. It should say: "LOGGED IN AS [Your character name]" at the top.
  • Download the game (and for future updates)
    1. Select the "Download for PC" or "Download for Mac" button.
    2. Install, launch and sign into the game with your new account info.