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My Dream is controlled by keyboard and mouse in the following ways.

  • Chat: [Enter] to change focus to the chat dialog (you will still be able to look around while in chat mode).

The Interact Tool[edit | edit source]

This tool is locked by default to the left-most slot in your lower bar [1] and represents your empty hand with no tools equipped. Treasure chests, doors and gates can be opened only with the interact tool. The interact tool will also make Dragon Turrets and Spike Shooters fire. Interacting will also activate Crumble Blocks (good for hidden doorways).

Chat Options[edit | edit source]

Use enter to focus on the chat input window. Use [Esc] to exit the chat input window. In the chat window enter the following codes for more information:

  • /help - lists the available chat options
  • /home - teleports you to the spawn-point
  • /loc - prints out your world coordinates
  • /goto - respawns you at coordinates 0,0,0
  • /port - respawns you at coordinates 0,0,0
  • /sens - when followed by a number between 0.0 and 1.0 it adjusts your mouse sensitivity.
  • /who - lists all the players that are in the currently loaded World
  • /whisper - Send a message to a specific player in the currently loaded World
  • /shout - command added in chat sends bolded message to users
  • /clear - clears chat log

There are additional administration options for world owners:

  • /warn - [user] warns a user and removes their ability to make edits
  • /grant - [user] [amount] [tag] gives inventory to a specific user
  • /edits - [on/off] [user] command added in chat for world admins to remove and give edit permission to other players