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Starting the Game[edit | edit source]

After logging-in the first time you will be taken to the tutorial select screen. It will ask you if you want to play the tutorial world. The tutorial takes place in a world that is local to your computer and is not connected to our servers. It is a single player tutorial.

Play tutorial – This option will load and start the tutorial level, your first adventure! Read and follow the signs to learn about how to control your character and find out more about the MyDream multi-verse!
Ask me next time – You can skip the tutorial with this option and it will prompt you to play it again the next time you launch the game.
No – Skips and disables the tutorial level.
Select "Play Tutorial" – Once the world has loaded you will be spawned inside of dungeon made of stone blocks and pillars. Use your mouse to look around and find the exit. Use [W] on your keyboard to walk forward to the exit and read the nearby signs. Continue to follow the hallway and read the signs to learn more about the controls and how to navigate in MyDream.

The tutorial is always available on the homescreen by selecting the Help icon in the top right corner and selecting "Tutorial" from the drop-down menu.