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Below are the menus that you will see in MyDream.

Log-in Screen[edit | edit source]

When the game is launched you will always start by signing in with your credentials(user/password)

Screen Server.png

MyDream Home Screen[edit | edit source]

Screen Worlds2.png

Featured Worlds - A list of world that are popular community built worlds. Worlds that we recommend that you visit!

Daily Challenge - (Coming soon) Complete the daily challenge for extra XP!

Daily Quest - (Coming soon) Finish the daily quest to earn extra XP!

News - Announcements from the MyDream Dev team!

Recent Activity - A live feed of what's going on around the MyDream multi-verse!

My Worlds - A list of the worlds that you have created.

Public Worlds - A full list of all available worlds sorted by number of edits (Most edits to Least edits).

Create a New Dream World[edit | edit source]

Screen Worlds Create2.png

Choose the Create button in the My Worlds section of the home screen to open this options menu. You will see these options when you create a new world:

  • World name: Enter the name of your new world
  • World Type: Select from the list of available biome types.
    • Grassland - Just flat grass for miles around!
    • Flatland - Just slat sand for hundreds of miles!
    • Desert - A flat desert with sparse patches of Rock and Palm_Trees! (For slow PCs)
    • Oasis - Rolling hills and desert with oak and birch forests! (For fast PCs)
    • Mountain - Mountainous with caves, crevices, grassy fields and redwood forests! (For fast PCs)
    • Ice and Snow - Coming Soon!
    • Alien - Coming Soon!
    • Forest - Coming Soon!
    • Lava - Coming Soon!

When you are done click the Create button and the world will be created for you.

Now your world will appear in the My Worlds section of the Home Screen. Highlight your world in the list by selecting it. Then select the "Open" button to load it. There are a lot of worlds! You can use the search box at the top-center of the Home Screen to quickly locate specific worlds.

Inventory Screen[edit | edit source]

Screen Inventory.png

Hit [esc] or [i] during game play and the inventory screen will be displayed. The inventory list is in the center of the menu. Click on any item and it will bring up an info box with crafting options.

Drag any item into your action bar for use in the world.

Use the mouse wheel or [z] and [c] to scroll between items in your action bar.

Inventory Item Info Box & Crafting options[edit | edit source]

When you select each item an info box will pop up. In the info box you can see the item's details and crafting options.

Screen InfoCrafting.png